Jasmine and Brandon

Image 1 of Jasmine Knight and Brandon

How We Met

I (Jasmine) was in high school and it was the first football game of the season. His brother and I had classes together but he was older and in college so we never crossed paths until after the game and our mutual friend introduced us.

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Initially, the conversation didn’t go far but it wasn’t until my friend called me one day and said “Jasmine, guess who asked for your number?”, of course I’m like “WHOOOOO?”… She told me it was Brandon, so being that we kind of connected prior to, I told her to go ahead and give it to him. Once he reached out, the rest was history lol.

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how they asked

I (Jasmine) surprisingly planned the entire thing and had NO idea whatsoever. I knew we were going to be traveling home for Labor Day weekend and my friend who’s a photographer commented under a picture of us so that sparked the idea in my head to have a photoshoot. Once I set everything up, apparently Brandon secretly started contacting my family and friends, and of course the photographer to begin his planning.

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I don’t know how he managed to get this past me but all I remember is finishing up the photoshoot and all of my family/friends waiting for me to come around the corner. My heart dropped but I instantly knew something was about to happen, next thing I know, he was on his knee. One of the best moments of my life and everyone I loved most was there to witness. He had really outdone himself lol.

Image 5 of Jasmine Knight and Brandon

Our Video

Special Thanks

Gary Dudley
 | Videographer