Jasmine and Tiernan


How We Met

Our love story isn’t your typical Cinderella love story but it’s my favorite love story. In the summer of 2014 I headed to Vegas with my girlfriends for an international beauty show. A Vegas trip just wouldn’t be complete unless we hit the nightclubs after being at the show all day so that is exactly what we did.

It was the night of June 21st when we headed to Surrender to see Zedd. We all went to the bar first to get our drinks and then headed straight for the dance floor. The second we got there, I saw him just as he saw me, and I knew I had to talk to him.

I wanted to approach him first, so I cleverly asked him if he would hold my phone for me while I put my lipstick back into my clutch. [because I totally need both hands to do this, duh ;)] He didn’t respond, just smiled and stared as I took my phone back, and said “thanks” as I walked away.

About 10 minutes later I unknowingly became friends with his group of friends who then formerly introduced us. Tiernan. There was no way I was going to forget that name. I also will never forget that night. We stayed up too late, danced all night, talked about our childhood and how we were raised, our fears and passions, and most importantly we talked about God. That was something very special to me and I knew from that point that I wanted Tiernan in my life.

At the time I lived in California and Tiernan lived in Georgia [literally complete opposite sides of the U.S.] so naturally we just didn’t see how this would work, but the more we got to know each other and the more time we got to spend together we just knew it had to work. Exactly one year later I moved to Georgia and that was the best decision I ever made.

how they asked

Tiernan works for a large consulting company, Deloitte, and they are always having happy hours or work parties. Back in September he had told me they were having a friends and family happy hour on October 28th, and he casually asked if I would be off work in time to make it by 7:30. As any girl would respond, I said ” Ya babe, that’s a Friday so the salon will be closed by 5pm… I just need to find an outfit now!”

It was the weekend before this “friends and family happy hour” when Tiernan let me know that he has to get there early to help set up so I would have to uber there alone…still, I thought nothing of it. Three days prior to this event and I still had nothing to wear, eekk!

I was panicking. It was the night before when I tried on 3 different outfits and asked Tiernan for his opinion. Little did I know that he was helping me plan the outfit I would be wearing when he proposed. He did good!

It was finally the big day, and of course I was running late. The usual! The happy hour was at the sky lounge at the Glenn hotel and I was rushing to get there since I was already 20 minutes late. The elevator was of course taking its sweet time getting all the way to the roof top.

FINALLY the doors opened and to my surprise it was most definitely not a Deloitte work event. I walked out of the elevator, extremely confused looking for Tiernan. I saw no one I recognized, and then there he was, sitting at a table by himself, in the most handsome suit, with roses and a bottle of champagne.

Once I saw all of that, my heart dropped and time stood still… I knew! Time really must have stood still because I couldn’t move. He walked up to me, grabbed my hand and asked me if I would come sit down with him.

After this point, I wish I could say I remember word for word what he said, but I can’t because I was just so beyond happy. He said something along the lines of “Well, obviously this isn’t a Deloitte happy hour. I have been planning this for quite some time now.

I brought you here because you are my best friend Jasmine…” then he got down on one knee “I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me?” I was crying so much that I couldn’t even get a yes out.


I just nodded my head over and over again all while kissing him and hugging him. It was the best day ever… but it wasn’t over yet!


After a few happy tears later, admiring the ring, and chatting over champagne, Tiernan said “I don’t mean to rush you, but I made dinner reservations for us downstairs.” We collected our things and headed downstairs to continue the celebration.


Tiernan was walking fast ahead of me, and headed straight into the restaurant without even letting the hostess know we had reservations, but again, at the time I thought nothing of it. Once we entered the restaurant and headed around the corner I saw my family and his family all patiently waiting for us to celebrate.

In complete shock I stood still crying, and then all I could get out was “shut up!” Clearly, I was on cloud nine. I remember first hugging my dad and crying with him for which felt like forever. Being that my family lives in California, I only get to see them once a year, which can sometimes be very difficult for me since I am extremely close to them.

This was also the first time our families were meeting, so to have all of them together to celebrate this special time with us was a feeling like no other.