Jasmine and Scott

From the very beginning, I wondered if this man could be my husband and now I’ve finally found my Prince…

How We Met: Scott and I worked together at an Internet Media company in Los Angeles. The first moment I saw him (when he’d come in to interview), I thought he was very handsome. Scott will tell you that he doesn’t remember seeing me that day but he does remember me coming into the HR office on his first day and taking his breath away…..

After that, we both caught glances of each other everyday and he finally invited me and some other co-workers out for happy hour. When I got to the bar, we ended being the only people there. We laughed and talked and I knew that night that he was and is a special man. We became fast friends, lunch buddies and eventually began our courtship. We continued to share many laughs, conversations and understanding – something that we both needed.

After a trip to Sacramento for a holiday party, love just bloomed.

how they asked: Our family Christmas tradition is to open gifts at our house then head over to my grandparents for more gifts and presents. This Christmas was not like any other because to my shock and surprise, I got engaged.

I was with my family opening gifts when Scott and his Mom come over so we could all go to breakfast together….except he had on a suit. I ask him why he is so dressed up and he said I wanted to look nice for Christmas. Meanwhile I am in a scarf and pajamas and all im thinking is damn… I’m going to have to get dressed now because my grandparents will wonder why I am so casual and he is in a suit.

I was going to head upstairs to change when Scott said, lets open gifts first! Ok fine, no problem, I thought.

So, our anniversary was December 5th and he had ordered me a gift but it was not ready in time so he wanted to give me that gift first. It was a locket from Things Remembered and I love it. He then says, I have another gift but I dont have a box for it. All I’m thinking is well, you can’t get a box now – everything is closed but I kept waiting to see what he was going to do and then he says the gift is him.

He pulls out the ring box and kneels and ask me to be his wife!! Tears flow and after a long pause that must have been forever for him, I finally shake my head yes.

And here are some of our engagement pictures!

Photos by Madeline Arenas from Cubrix Photography.