Jasmine and Robert

How We Met

Our mothers worked together for 7 years prior to our meeting. For his high school graduation, his mom invited my family to his party. I was reluctant to attend because I had never met him and felt it was extremely awkward. My mom insisted that I attend and I had no choice in the matter. Once I got there and saw him I thought he was cute and didn’t mind staying. The only words we uttered to each other were ” Hello”. Later on the ride home, I asked my mom for his last name, little did I know once he saw me he questioned his mom if we were related. While out the same night with my friends I couldn’t stop showing them his Facebook, my one friend knowing how reserved I am snatched my phone and added him for me. Only a few hours later as I was walking into my house, my phone vibrated and I had a Facebook message from Robbie saying ” You couldn’t speak to me at my party but you had to add me on FB? :) “. The rest is history…

How They Asked

Robert is the owner of Leaks Fitness in Howell, NJ. Over the past year, he has been training several nights a week in NYC. He told me we were going to a client meeting at Loeb Boat House in Central Park. As we were walking around the Bethesda Fountain dancers started dancing to our song “Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake and he asked if I wanted to watch them. My feet were on fire from walking in my heels and I quickly answered: ” I really don’t want to watch these kids dance”. But he stood still and there we were watching the dancers. Arms folded and a wee bit annoyed I watched with him, puzzled as to why we had to watch at this particular moment.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Central Park - Bethesda Fountain

Few minutes into the dance he leaves my side to join them and all I could think is “he is not about to dance with these kids”. I looked on thinking he was being silly and trying to annoy me on purpose. As he danced and waved it began to hit me what was about to happen. About six children in the dance each handed me a single rose and that’s when I lost it. Robert approached me slowly with the dancers surrounding him.

As he stopped in front of me, in tears I said” there is no meeting” and he just smiled reached in his pocket and got down on one knee. Robert flipped opened the box, I saw my dream ring glistening and I said “Yes! Yes!, Yes!” before he could even ask will you marry me? After a lot of tears and hugs, I began to notice my family, his family, and our friends scattered throughout the crowd. This was not the day I imagined but it was the best day and a day I will remember forever!

Jasmine and Robert's Engagement in Central Park - Bethesda Fountain

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