Jasmine and Quentin

How We Met

We met in 2013 and had our date at Ruby Tuesday in Times Square. We’ve been connected since! We met at my father’s barbershop !! His father used to cut his hair! Crazy.

How They Asked

He had a dinner planned for us to have a nice meal and get fancy. Little did I know he reached out to all my family and friends and had them there for this surprise proposal. He was nervous on the drive over so I thought was going on.

He made sure I ordered this lovely dress. I kept saying I’m overdressed, he ensured me that I wasn’t. We walked in for our reservation and he excused himself for the restroom. The waiter came to take us to the table, I said to her “ is something up “. She walked me upstairs, opened the large double doors to him on one knee. He was surrounded by family and friends on one knee in the middle of Roses in heart shape with a sign “ marry me” I was nervous, legs were shaking and of course I said yes !! #MeetThePaynes