Jasmine and Norberto

JASMINE and Norberto 's Engagement in At our NYC apartment

How We Met

Norberto and I met spring 2005 in NYC. We were introduced by his older brother which was my friend at the time Danny. Norberto and my older brother Jonathan became really close friends and I always seem to have a thing for Norberto since I met him. I think he did as well lol. It wasn’t until spring of 2006 that he started to get my attention a little bit more then before and then I can notice he kind of had a thing for me. Norberto and I started dating May 2006, little dates here and there. Finally he asked me to be his girlfriend in the middle of 34th street between 6th and 7th ave and he made me the happiest girl in the world at the moment. Just like the proposal I never saw it coming lol!!

Proposal Ideas At our NYC apartment

how they asked

To begin we can say our proposal was 1 no 1 will have ever imagined it to be lol. Let us tell you why. December 24, 2015, my fiancé and I were getting ready for my fiancé mom Christmas party. My fiancé (Norberto) was getting ready to hop in the showers and I had just finish getting out. So as we are getting ready, the topic on “did you get me a Christmas gift?”

From my fiancé (Soon to be groom) was brought up, in that moment I’m facing the wall while applying body lotion and I say “well I hope you did not buy me a Christmas gift, because I told you I was not buying you anything this Christmas!”.

So there is Norberto pretending to be searching in his drawer for a Christmas gift lol. While searching he’s going off about how he got me a gift and I didn’t get him anything. When I turn around to explain once again there I find Norberto Bucket naked on 1 knee with an engagement ring and our children standing behind him cracking up about the fact that there is their dad proposing naked! I can honestly say this proposal was not 1 a girl will have ever dreamed of.

Special Thanks

Chris | 
Natalie | 
Natalie was our youngest child then and she helped Chris our oldest and her dad shop for the ring and they kept it a secret from me for a while. Chris & Natalie did such an amazing job. I never had a clue that they had this all planned out.