Jasmine and Nitharshan

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Toronto

How We Met

We have known each other our whole lives! We went to the same high school, temple, gym and he lived across the street from me! I didn’t know his name, but I knew of him so I gave him the name “the green shirt guy”. One day, I asked The-Green-Shirt-Guy for help with gym equipment and we started talking from there. Every day we would see each other – whether it be at the gym, walking my dog or getting ice cream. 6 years later, he proposed!

How They Asked

On Friday July 12 2019, I had plans with a coworker to go out after work. She told me to make sure I dressed up and so I figured she wanted to go somewhere really nice. When we got to the location, we passed by a terrace with a “Marry Me” marquee sign. I gasped and excitedly said, “oh look! Someone is going to get proposed too”. Little did I know that that “someone” was me.

We paused to eagerly watch the proposal and out of nowhere, Nitharshan walked from the corner holding roses and stood in the middle of the heart-shaped rose petals. My jaw dropped. I froze. I couldnt believe that he was there, that this was happening! I looked over to my coworker and she had a huge grin on her face. I looked back at Nitharshan and he signaled to me to walk up to him (I had froze to the point where I didnt do anything for at least 15 seconds). I had walked the red carpet covered with roses to the most wonderful man in the entire world.

After the most heart-felt speech, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. After shaking and saying yes, I realized that a photographer and videographer were surrounding us! I kissed him for what felt forever and looked inside the building to see many eyes looking back at us. One set of eyes looked familiar, my sister! All of a sudden, 50 of our friends and family came running out to shower us with love! When we went back inside, I realized that he arranged a party! Cake, food, music, our pictures surrounding the area and did I mention food?

I had no idea Nitharshan had contacted my co-worker, sent out flyers to our family and friends to attend the party that was held right after the proposal and overall could plan something that would genuinely surprise me!

Special Thanks

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