Jasmine and Mitchell

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How We Met

I was 16 when I first noticed the cute boy on the bus. The next time I saw him on the bus, he was with a girl and I ran home to tell my mum that the cute boy in the bus is taken. I was devastated! Flash forward 1 year, the cute boy noticed me on the bus. After months of glances and smiles he finally struck up a conversation with me as we waited for the bus. We became best friends, which lasted a year until he asked me to be his girlfriend as well.

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how they asked

We had planned a fantastic day at the Hunter Valley to celebrate our five year anniversary. We were starting at th Hunter Valley Garends, followed by lunch and then finally playing with Meerkats at the Hunter Valley Zoo. We got to the gardens and the first one we went to had a magnificent water fountain. Mitchell set up his tripod and asked me to stand in front on the water fountain so he could make sure his tripod was centred to get a good photo. He ran over and I got up to pose next to him, but instead he grabbed my hands and got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. He then pointed to the camera and said he recorded the whole thing.

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