Jasmine and Michael

How We Met

It was February of 2014 when I was hired at Vons where Michael worked. My initial reaction when I walked in as I laid eyes on him was “Wow he’s handsome!” I looked at my friend, who was also my co-worker, and said “Who is that guy!!” April came and our schedules began to overlap. We worked two back to back days together and I spontaneously gave him my number. Man was i freaking out!!! I was wondering how he would respond! Talk about being antsy! Later that night he texted me and the rest is history! We knew right from the beginning we were the ones for each other. From the moment he texted me it was question after question and every answer intrigued me more and more! I kept telling myself “he is perfect, Lord, but let Your will be done.” He was the one I’ve been looking for! Our first date was to Buffalo Wild Wings. That same night, he hit a golf ball in the parking lot and man, he was the coolest!! Looking back to that memory brings a smile to my face! Michael asked me to be his girlfriend April 24th of 2014! Every day with him has been exciting and such an adventure, every day with him has been better than the last. We’ve strived to serve the Lord and make sure our relationship honors Him in all we do! I’ve been so blessed with my blonde and blue eyed man!!

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how they asked

The 24th of April 2016, it was a beautiful Sunday! Michael and I were going to be celebrating our two year anniversary. I was super excited, though it seems like just yesterday that he asked me to be his girlfriend. We love hanging out and going to the beach, Laguna to be exact! We planned to spend our anniversary down near the beach shopping, relaxing and enjoying each others company and then dinner to follow. We set out for our drive after Michael picked me up. I ended up falling asleep shortly after; soon enough I woke up and saw familiar street signs and Laguna traffic (such a beautiful sight to see). Michael expressed we would be going to a new spot in Laguna, one we’ve never been to before and mentioned that we had a dinner reservation at 7 p.m. So here I am just enjoying the day, so filled with gratitude and love towards this man. I began to say I was tired and I wanted Starbucks. Michael insisted that I get Starbucks after we go to the beach but I told him I couldn’t wait. So being the loving man he is he turns around from us going toward our destination and takes me to the nearest Starbucks. I ordered my iced caramel macchiato with coconut milk and an order of Bantam bagels. Yummy! We then set out for our beach! After driving for a few miles we arrived at Table Rock Beach and walked down some steps to the sand. The site was so BEAUTIFUL! Seeing the crashing waves and the nature of the beach had me in awe.

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We laid out beach towels and laid facing the ocean and enjoyed the view. Our plan was to give hand made gifts to exchange for our anniversary. I didn’t have mine because of how busy my week was but Michael didn’t mind. He tells me after about five minutes of us reminiscing of our two years together he says “Okay, I want to give you your gift now!” He had me stand up just a ways away from our towels and told me to face the ocean and not turn around because his “gift” wasn’t wrapped it was just in a bag. To my surprise he came behind me and shared this large photo album and on the front it held four pictures of us from the past couple years. He told me “I got the photo album so that we can fill it with future pictures and memories together.” The album had two flaps, one that opened to the left and the other to the right. Right on the first page there was a typed letter, Michael had me read it aloud. The very end of the letter read “you’re my forever girl, and what better way to spend forever with you than to ask you this…” I knew right then and there IT was all happening! WOW! I was in awe! I kept thinking is this really happening! I was FREAKING OUT. He took the album from me and got down on one knee and said “Firstly, happy two year anniversary. And secondly, I wouldn’t want to spend my life with anyone else but you, so Jasmine Patrick, WILL YOU MARRY ME?” My initial response was “Did you ask my MOM?!” He said “Yes!” And I said yes! I was crying and asked where’s my family and seconds after I heard our friends and family cheering! It was definitely the surprise of my life. I had no idea but all of our friends and family were hiding and waiting for us to arrive for this moment! Wow! Such a glorious and beautiful day!!

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Special Thanks

Kevin Michalak & Nicole Horner
 | Beach Photographers/Video
Kevin Broad, Adrian & Desiree Zamora
 | Family Photographers
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