Jasmine and Jason

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How We Met

We started dating 5.5 years ago to the date of the proposal. We met online and ended up learning we were actually neighbours! Because of our 4 year age gap, we had never really crossed paths. Over the years we have grown and experienced a lot of things – from university graduations to loss of grandparents. The most testing thing was when his dad had a whopping heart attack, the last year and a half have been the craziest years of our lives – his father first had an LVAD put in and we then learned he would need a heart transplant. In July of this year he underwent the transplant and thanks to the team of amazing doctors at Toronto General.. we got to celebrate our engagement last night with the entire family.

how they asked

For the proposal, Jay was working with my dad for the last 3 weeks – sneaking out of work early and going over to test the set up of everything. He told me to come look at the new swings my dad had set up and we walked over and swung for a bit, he told me to come see this new thing my dad was building so we walked over and walked behind some trees and he took a remote out and the entire inside lit up, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! After forgetting how to speak for a full moment I finally screamed yes! And it was one of the happiest moments of my life.

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