Jasmine and Jacob

Jasmine's Proposal in Lafayette, LA

How We Met

We first met through mutual friends in college at Louisiana State University- he was my roommate’s boyfriend’s best friend. He was always “one of the guys” just hanging out at her boyfriend’s apartment, and I was the friend tagging along. We hung out numerous times together. Nada. One Friday night, their former high school made it to the state championship in New Orleans and Becca, my roommate, invited me along. I ended up sitting right next to Jake for a few minutes, joking around, and, before we knew it, we spent the entire night walking around New Orleans together. Once we made it back to Baton Rouge, we spent our days having endless conversations, spending our days on campus together, and just cherishing our time together.

how they asked

When one of my best friends, Mallary, told me a week earlier that she had won a prenatal spa day (complete with limo, massages, pedicures, hair, and shopping spree) for her and 4 other friends… I said “I never win anything! and I didn’t this time either but I feel like I won something big with you!” Boy, did I have it all wrong. Halfway through the day, I was handed a note by my friends from Jake that there was actually no raffle,and the “prenatal spa day raffle” was all planned by him! After an entire day of getting pampered, I was dropped off at a nearby Bed & Breakfast where Jake picked me up from the limo and led me to a gazebo he had decorated. With just a photographer nearby, he got down on one knee to ask me to spend the rest of his life with him.

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