Jasmine and Jabari

How We Met

I was first introduced to Jabari in 2007, by a very good girlfriend of mine, Jendayi, when I went to visit her at her university where she was pursuing her diploma, I was in lower sixth form at the time doing ‘A levels’, so I was 17 years old then. Now Jen started hosting what would later become an Annual Boxing Day “lime” (read: gathering/party) which we would all attend, so we all hung out a lot and through this event Jabari and I became really good friends. After A levels I went abroad to study but we kept in contact and would all hang out when I was home, especially at the annual “Boxing Day Lime” which became a Christmas holiday tradition for us. Fast Forward to 2011 to a first-time single in a long time – Jasmine and yet another Boxing Day Lime hosted by Jen, that year it so happened that Christmas Day landed on a Sunday which caused Monday to be a holiday (as when a public holiday lands on a Sunday in Trinidad it is celebrated on the Monday), so as a result we got an extra holiday for Boxing Day extending to the 27th December.

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So we had the Boxing Day Lime as we always do but since we had an extra holiday we all wanted to do something fun the following day so we planned to go to the beach. It was on this day that I saw him more than just a friend, I’m not sure if it was because I was now single so I was a bit more observant, added to the fact that it was the first time I saw him with his shirt off, with his abs on display, so needless to say I was attracted to him. We all had loads of fun at the beach and at some point while in the sea Jabari kissed me and he told me that he has liked me since the very beginning (shock!).

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Thinking back on it now, Jabari really always had been a sweetheart, super great friend and the perfect gentleman, but I never read much into it. I was initially a bit hesitant to get involved with someone as I really did not want another relationship at that time, so I suggested that we get to know each other better on a more personal level than how we knew each other as friends and see where it led. He courted me for a few months with our first date going to church for Old Years Night (New Years Eve) service. As the months passed by I became totally smitten with him; his love for God, selflessness, caring heart, intelligence, fun personality, lovingness, intellect, sense of humour, ambition and so much more. We officially became a couple and embarked on a relationship together, one that would become our love story.

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how they asked

We had been together almost 5 years at this point and had been doing long distance for about a little over 2 years as I was studying in the UK. I would return home at every possible break from university, so for Christmas break i returned home as I normally do when school is out. On the eve of Christmas Eve (23rd December 2016) Jabari encouraged me to go to bed a bit early as we had plans very early the following day. I did not think he was serious with how early I would need to be ready for so I went to bed earlier than I normally would but not very early (11 pm lol). I was awoken at 3 am in the morning and encouraged to get ready to leave, to which I obliged. After I showered and got dressed I was asked to wear a blindfold. I didn’t think much of it as Bari is very spontaneous and romantic so since our anniversary was approaching I thought maybe he was just doing something related to that. So he led me to the car and soon we were on our way.

I felt like we were going in circles and realized we were driving around a roundabout, which he did several times so that I had no clue of which direction we were headed. This didn’t bother me as I trust him completely so wherever we were headed would be fine. So probably after about an hour and a half of driving, me blindfolded the entire way just singing along with the radio and chatting with Bari, it seemed that we had arrived at our destination (wherever that was). He then opened the door for me and I could smell the ocean and hear the waves crashing against the shore so I knew for certain we were at a beach, which beach – this I was uncertain of. I’m still blindfolded at this point and thinking maybe we are here to take an early morning dip in the ocean. He then led me down the path to get to the beach, having to lift me up for part of the way until we finally reached the sand.

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So we’re walking hand in hand on the beach and we reach a certain point and he says we can stop and he spins me around and says “You know what’s coming next right?”, and I responded “umm noo, I’m still blindfolded”. So he says I can take off my blindfold and when I do, he’s already bent down on one knee in front of me. At this point I’m in shock and can hear shrieks coming from the right of me, so I looked over to see all of our closest friends there to witness this special moment. I couldn’t believe they were all there! Jabari then asked me to marry him and I said “Yes” of course! It was so beautiful because he proposed at sunrise which really worked as a beautiful backdrop.

I was so shocked and ecstatic that I didn’t have time to cry. On the beach he had a beautiful tent set-up which was decorated with help from my best friends, large pillows which were sewn for us to use as seats, as well as a buffet table with an array of food. He successfully pulled off a proposal and a breakfast engagement party all in one! After the proposal we all sat down and had breakfast and everyone then divulged how they hid this huge secret from me :O lol I was beyond impressed at the effort and amount of planning it took for him to execute it, and touched that our closest friends chose to be a part of this special day for us, especially at such an early hour in the morning! He had been planning the proposal for about 2 months and to me it was nothing short of perfection!

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