Jasmine and Eduardo

How We Met

Jasmine: I first met Eduardo at Passion City Church. I saw him one night and it was as though God highlighted him among every other person there that night!!

Eduardo: I remember going upstairs. I saw her coming towards me, so I was like “hi!” and we kinda like, talked a little bit. I asked her if she was going to church, and if she could save me a seat. After, I asked her “do you wanna have lunch? Do you like sushi?”

Jasmine: I was oblivious to the fact it was a date. I was getting ready to pay for my meal… he just slipped the waiter his card and paid for both of us! It was very sweet!

how they asked

Jasmine: I saw this contest on Instagram called “#BlessABride Giveaway”. A bride had the opportunity to submit her and her fiancé’s story for a chance to win FREE wedding photography, FREE wedding videography, and FREE wedding invitation design… SO much… the full deal. I was just in awe that there was a studio out there who wanted to rally around couples who were getting married and just support them financially… I mean that is a HUGE way to support someone getting married because weddings are very expensive!

Jasmine and Eduardo's Engagement in Vickery Creek - Roswell, GA

Square 8 Studio: We loved Jasmine and Eduardo’s story so much!!! One of the unique pieces of their story was that, of all the couples who entered, they were the only ones who weren’t yet engaged. I called Eduardo to ask him how serious he was about marrying Jasmine, and he said he was all in. In fact, he sent me a photo the NEXT DAY to show me that he had gone out after our call and BOUGHT A RING. Eduardo started scheming with us to plan the perfect engagement caper: we emailed Jasmine to tell her she was not a finalist, to throw her off. We flew to Atlanta, met Eduardo to plan the perfect spot for him to get down on one knee, and showed him where we’d be hiding to capture the moment!

Where to Propose in Vickery Creek - Roswell, GA

Eduardo: I told Jasmine, “let’s dress up! I think it’s gonna be fun! It’s been a while since we dressed up and went on a date!” We dressed up and went to a sushi place in Roswell…

Jasmine: …which was very sweet, because I mentioned to him one time, I actually LIKE dressing up, I just don’t do it as often. We ended up going to Vickery Creek… and all of a sudden Eduardo tells me, “you know why I brought you here right?” And then he said, “Jasmine Nicole Kinchen,” and he gets down on one knee (and I literally think I stumbled almost, I’m going crazy!) when he asked me, “will you marry me?”

I said yes – I SCREAMED yes!!!

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