Jasmine and Dillon

How We Met

Dillon and I met a few years back through mutual friends. Upon first meeting, neither of us put any more thought into being more than just acquaintances.

After getting to know each other over a period of years, I was invited to a concert with Dillon which was truly a pivotal moment in the beginning of our future together. Dillon kept finding new reasons to surprise me while at work in Fullerton, whether it be with flower bouquets or Hapa Cupcakes. His goal was to spend more overall time with me in general and eventually win over my heart. Acquaintances quickly turned into best friends who did almost everything you could think of, together.

After spending a decent amount of time in each other’s presence, still, while only friends, Dillon and I planned a vacation together while sitting at Hopscotch Tavern in Downtown Fullerton. As time went on, we continued to bond over everything, whether it be a day at Disneyland or a night in sipping on whiskey and watching movies. It was clear that Dillon was interested, but I was still hesitant about the idea of being in a new relationship. I finally came around to the idea, and best friends quickly turned into lovers. The vacation that was planned quickly came and went. Dillon asked anyone and everyone what they thought of me. He knew he was falling fast and was curious if anyone could clue him in as to why. So Dillon, being a planner, purchased a ring for the future. I myself, however, found out he purchased a ring because Dillon is a terrible liar, but simply didn’t know when he would propose.

Jasmine and Dillon's Engagement in Corona Regional Hospital, Corona, CA

How They Asked

After the vacation and living together for some time, I started to get very sick over the period of 2-3 weeks. I asked Dillon to take me to Urgent Care, which turned into being rushed to the hospital, then being admitted to the Emergency Room. I was there for a few days and Dillon felt his world crashing down on him while seeing me hooked up to an IV and all sorts of other lines. It was at that moment, he didn’t want to wait any longer because his choice was already made.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Corona Regional Hospital, Corona, CA

On April 9th, at 2 pm in the afternoon, Dillon asked me to marry him while I was laying in the hospital bed with no makeup and both of us being sleep deprived and anxious to go home. I, of course, said yes and we have never been happier. We are now in the midst of wedding planning and continuing to build our beautiful future together with a life full of adventure, trust and of course love.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Corona Regional Hospital, Corona, CA