Jasmine and David

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How We Met

Four years ago, I met my now fiance when we both worked at Walmart. I actually disliked him when I first met him, but after about four months, he started to grow on me. After nine months of friendship, we started dating. And two years later, on his birthday, I proposed to him. You see, we both discovered we had a mutual love of Doctor Who, and that’s what really sealed our friendship. We spent a lot of time watching Doctor Who together. We also discovered we had a lot of other things in common, like loving horror movies, Stephen King, and superheroes. The two years leading up to the proposal were spent falling more and more in love, and discovering how awesome we both were.

How They Asked

Five months before proposing, I asked his mom and sister what they thought about me asking him rather than him asking me. They both agreed that I should do it, since it wasn’t traditional, and my fiance had mentioned a few times to them that he wanted to get married, but was worried I wouldn’t want to. That gave me even more motivation to propose. So I found a Doctor Who themed wedding ring set on Etsy, bought it, and kept everything secret until his birthday. Then I set up a fun Doctor Who themed scavenger hunt around my house, with quotes from the show leading to the next clue. The last clue lead to me with the rings, and I asked him to marry me. He said yes. It was nerdy and fun, and I’m so happy I did something out of the norm. Definitely worth it.

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