Jasmine and David

Image 1 of Jasmine and David Joshua

How We Met

My partner and I met on Bubble. He was my smoking hot Brawny Paper Towel Man I had always dreamed of. I read his profile and he was everything and so much more. I had been catfished so many times I was going to delete the app almost let him slip through my fingers. I decided to message him and if God wanted us to be together then it will would happen. I made a corny joke and he said, “Fo show.” I died laughing. I instantly asked him for his number. We talked for 3 hours that phone call. I realized he was 2 hours away but understand I was in too deep to care now. We always made each other laugh. We knew that we connected better than Legos once we discovered each other love for video games and Rick and Morty. We dated for a few months, he asked my family for my hand in marriage.

How They Asked

We went to Stoney River which was my favorite restaurant. He had our waiter who was so sweet prayer over our food while she was praying he popped the question. I was so shocked and I couldn’t believe my he asked me to marry him.