Jasmine and Brice

How We Met

2007, Brice and I started college at the University of Scranton. Our school was pretty small, about 4,000 students in total. So, we both knew of each other (not close friends), went to the same college parties, passed each other on the commons and even sat near each other during graduation. Fast forward to 2015, 4 years after we graduated, we now lived in the same city (Hoboken), passed each other on the streets (since Hoboken is so small) and even went to the same bars. Same life, different places. But, this time we talked more, got to know each other more and went on some dates in between! We both thought to ourselves why didn’t we do this in college! We instantly connected and fell in love!

Fast forward to November 2017, when I found out I had Papillary Thyroid Cancer. I thought my life was over, I cried, I worried, had many sleepless nights but, no matter how I felt, Brice was always there to listen, wipe my tears and always managed to make me smile even right before surgery. It was then I knew, I found the one.

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Fast forward to September 21st, 2018, the BEST day of my life! Brice claimed he got a raise and wanted to celebrate! I am always down for champs and food! We both got in the car, headed to dinner. Unsure of where we were going, as we were getting closer, I realized are we going to Sanduccis? My FAVORITE Italian restaurant since I was 10! I was so excited to get my “usual” and just enjoy the night. As the night went on, we laughed, we talked, we reminisced, it almost felt like our first date all over again (minus Brice acting a bit strange, but later did I know why). I was stuffed from dinner, whereas Brice had 2 noddles, haha. “Want dessert”? Brice asked. We talked about dessert and as we were thinking of what to get, Brice blurted out, “So, I lied”…Um what?

Jasmine and Brice's Engagement in Sanducci's Trattoria

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As I was trying to listen to what he was saying, he got down on one knee, a woman brought out dessert with writing on the plate and he opened that small box. I was so shocked, happy, unsure what was happening, was this real life? The entire restaurant cheered, photos and videos were being taken (now I know how a celebrity feels).

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It was hands down the best night of my life! We left the restaurant with such joy and I couldn’t wait to tell my parents! We drove over to my parent’s house, which was a 2 min drive (so convenient) and as we walked in, there was another surprise! My entire family was there! Words cannot express the joy I felt. It was honestly the best night ever and I wish I could relive it every day! For the one second I had to myself that night, I was able to say wow, I am cancer free and I am getting married to the man of my dreams! It was honestly fate.

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Special Thanks

Brice was in contact with Lisa, the owner of Sanduccis on the whole proposal, seating, dessert etc.