Jasmine and Branislav

Image 1 of Jasmine and Branislav

How We Met

It all started when my fiancee (Branislav) was transferring from his current real estate brokerage to the one I worked for. As soon as he walked in and we exchanged hellos I knew that I wanted him (cheesy right?) many “what if’s” started to go through my head “he’s married, he has kids, he’s out of my league”. Then after his meeting was over I had to work with him to ensure that he had been fully transferred since he’s a broker, I was so nervous that I was even stuttering I couldn’t believe I was so nervous but I was. We were a couple of days away from Christmas, so here comes Branislav with gifts for the office staff and when he gave me my gift and a hug I melted (literally). One text message turned into a lunch date and from that day forward we were boyfriend and girlfriend, we saw each other every day, he even told me that when he first saw me he felt the exact same way and had said “what if’s” like I did. Fast forward to his brother’s wedding in Serbia, Europe that we attended.

how they asked

Everyone kept mentioning that he was going to propose but we had only been dating for a couple of months even though I was excited and hoping that he would! Days passed we had visited Italy and Croatia and nothing had happened. It was our last day in Serbia and he said we were going to a restaurant at my favorite historical place called “Petrovaradin Fortress”, he invited his mom to come with us. He was taking pictures of his mom and I in front of the historical “Clock Tower” searching for the “good lighting.” After he found the good spot he said: “Ok mom take a picture of her and me.”

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We took a few pictures and he starts turning around towards me, he starts to get on one knee with the most beautiful ring ever!! He says “Jasmine, I love you with all of my heart and soul. You’re my best friend, my soul mate, and the person I want to spend forever with, will you marry me?” and all I could do was just cry and I finally said YES! He made me the happiest woman on earth! I can’t believe I’m engaged!

Image 4 of Jasmine and Branislav