Jasmine and Antonio

How We Met

Antonio and I attended the same college for a year but never knew each other existed! The summer between my Junior and Senior year of college, my friend Hilda was going home to Cali for the summer so she wanted to hangout before she left. She got a groups of friends together and we went to Ziggy’s Funland. That’s where I met my Prince Charming. But I didn’t find him so charming. I found him annoying. After a few months of me deciding if I actually wanted to give this guy a chance I decided that I would! Best decision I ever made!

Image 1 of Jasmine and Antonio

how they asked

I thought I was meeting my friend who need led to talk about something that were on her mind. We agreed to meet at the Whiting Lakefront Park. The place is so pretty! When I arrived my friend met me at my car. We talked for a moment then started walking. Off in the distance I saw flashing lights and heard loud Bachata music (my fav❤️) I said to my friend, “what’s going on over there?” She replies, “I don’t know I think it’s on a boat.” We continued to walk and started getting closer to the lights and music. I said to her, “this music makes me wants dance! I really think there’s a party going on over there!” She says, “let’s go over there then!” I was very hesitant but kept walking when my friend says, “go seat in that chair, this is for.” I sat in the chair in front of a projector screen and my Antonio’s voice comes on. I then watched a little video he made for me. When that was done he came out and sang “Never Alone” by Jesse Bonnano (our favorite song) while playing the guitar. He then took me to a little gazebo there and got on one knee and ask me to be his wife!!!

It was so perfect and romantic. I love Antonio with all my heart and could not have asked for a better man than him. God is definitely on my side.

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Special Thanks

Javy Esquivel
 | Photographer
Angel Lopes
 | DJ
Whiting Lakefront Park
 | Rental space