Jasmine and Angelo

How We Met

My mom works with His sister-in-law. They set us up on a blind date.

how they asked

I was out at lunch with my mom at Panera (the first place my fiancé and I met). I didn’t know what was in store for me that day. When my dad dropped by for lunch and gave me mail, the journey began. It was a letter from my honey explaining to me that he was going to be proposing but I had to find him. The first clue: #1. “I know you want to look great for your big day, so first let’s get your nails done! Walk out of Panera and look straight to the left. Go there by car or foot and your journey begins.” After getting my nails done, my mom pulled out a clue from her bag. Clue #2 “For this date with me, you must look fly, so let’s find out what my money will buy. There are three that we normally see, where is it that you will find me? Once you pick out a dress with a good hue, you will suddenly get a new clue.” Once I figured out we were going to Kohl’s, one of my best friends was waiting inside the store for me to go on my shopping spree! After picking out the perfect outfit from head to toe, she pulled out the third clue: “When we get old and our hair goes gray, we will always remember how we looked this day, but while your outer beauty may have got me hooked, what has made me love you is your “Inner Looks.” The clue was go to the beauty Salon, “Inner Looks” to get my hair done however I liked! I picked a style on my Pinterest board. My other best friend was waiting inside for me! She had the last clue for me. Clue #4 “Blindfolded you may be, but soon you will see, the best place for you, is right next to me. Step softly on the grass and remember our first kiss.” My friends and mom took me to the park where we had our first kiss while the rest of our friends and family were waiting there for the proposal. He surprised me with a beautiful ring and our first pet, a rabbit! This proposal was definitely a day to remember. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with my honey.

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