Jasmine and Aaron

How We Met

Aaron and I had met 12 years ago through his cousin which is one of my best friends. He was leaving for the Navy and was going to be stationed in Mississippi. I went to his going away party, and he told me to stay in touch and made me promise to not lose contact. As soon as he was settled we instantly started talking on the phone, so much that it ended up being the entire time he was stationed in Mississippi. He would lose sleep, knowing he had boot camp early in the morning just to talk to me for 4-5 hours a night. I would look forward to his calls every day and get butterflies when my phone would ring. He told his navy friends that as soon as he got back, he would make me his girlfriend (I just didn’t know it yet.) The day he got back he came to see me and we have been inseparable ever since. I’ve been dating my best friend for 8 years, and it’s been the best 8 years of my life. We bought our first home together and got our first bulldog Turbo. I love the little family we created together.


how they asked

We planned a trip to New Orleans for my 31st birthday. Little did I know Aaron had other plans for us during that trip. He had told me to pack dressy clothes so we could “go out” while we were out there. The day of my birthday we woke up early to go to Cafe Du Monde for fresh beignets and coffee. Aaron said he had made plans for us to go somewhere and we had to stay on schedule. He wouldn’t tell me where we were going, and I was not allowed to ask questions. We both got dressed and our driver dropped us off at The Longue Vue House and Gardens. The property was absolutely breathtaking. As we walked up, a woman greeted us by the name of Stacy. She told us that the tour would be starting soon and we could walk through the garden area.

Aaron took my hand and we walked through the garden, we got lost a few times but finally ended up where we were meant to be. 15 feet away there was a setup waiting for me. A huge love sign that had sunflowers covering it, and pictures of Aaron and I surrounding the love sign. As I walked up closer, I hear our song starting to play. It was, “Adorn” by Miguel. Aaron takes my hand and looks me in the eyes and says, “Happy birthday babe” and then gets down on one knee and says, “Oh and also will you marry me?” And of course, I said YES!

Jasmine's Proposal in The Longue Vue House and Gardens

By this time a secret photographer pops out and she is snapping pictures of us. The “tour guide” Stacy pops out with champagne, and we cheered and celebrated by having our own personal engagement photo shoot. Stacy then tells me who she really is. She had been working with Aaron for the past couple months planning out the perfect proposal. Stacy is the owner of Project Proposals and is based out of New Orleans. The proposal was romantic and perfect and everything I’ve ever dreamed of.

Special Thanks

Stacy Asaro
 | Planning
Hi Volt Studios
 | Photographer
Blue Nile
 | Ring