Jasmin and Lucas

How We Met

Both of us had chosen to build the foundation of our relationship with God through a program our church had called The Internship. I was doing the year long residency program, while Jasmin was participating in the summer internship. While I was volunteering for the kids ministry for a portion of my day, Jasmin walked into the room to help out (as previously assigned). When she saw me, her first words were “Who are YOU?” This, was the beginning to a beautiful relationship.

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After several weeks of passing by each other, casual interaction, and then a local missions trip, feelings began to develop. We began talking more, and I asked Jasmin out on a date; I asked her out to coffee, and she said yes. What I did not know was Jasmin hates coffee. We went on several dates to learn more about each other, such as what direction we were headed in life, life stories, personal goals, greatest fears, favorite snacks, simply to see if we were compatible. After about a month of not being able to get enough of her, I asked her to be my girlfriend. The rest, is an adventure to behold!

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how they asked

Long walks, especially on the beach, have always helped Lucas & I communicate. Last year we went for a walk on Varn Beach Park were we talked about our vision for our lives and were we believed God was calling us. Our visions aligned and we prayed and went on more dates and the months rolled on. A year and some change later, we arrived at the same beach.

Lucas asked me to go on a walk, and I knew this was going to be a walk to remember. The walk was winding down and we had talked about our adventures and how wonderful the past year had been. He told me he made me a present for our one year and to close my eyes.

I closed my eyes and he pulled out a hand-made adventure book (identical to the one in Up, his favorite movie). Lucas summarized our year in the pages and the last page said “You & I, we’re in a club now!”

He flipped the page, and there in the back of the book was a very shiny ring that he eventually put on my finger after seconds (which felt like forever) of me shaking my head up and down in agreement. He said “so.. you wanna marry me?” I said “I do” and then I said “yes.” We both laughed and kissed.