Jasmin and Chris

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As we went to Heiligendamm, Germany at the Grand Hotel Heiligendamm, Jasmin expected a short-trip with me during New-Years Eve and a coupe a days of SPA at this great hotel nestled directly at the seaside. After arriving pretty last December 30th due to a lot of holiday traffic jams we were pretty happy and absolutely enjoying our first breakfast at the wonderful hotel .

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31st of December celebrating a great year for us and your families. Jasmin didn´t know anything as we were enjoying breakfast for almost 3 hours. Even not wondering that I had already my 4th glass of champagne in order to calm down my nervousness as I knew what´s the deal today :-)

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I was pretty surprised about myself after being so relaxed during the breakfast about the engagement ring as I had to put it into my jacket at the entrance of the restaurant as I realized the whole box with the ring would not fit into my jeans without being noticed….So I just gave it to the waitress….

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Pretty happy noticing the ring was still in my jeans we went out for a great walk along the beach. After walking for an hours or so we headed back home to the hotel. My plan to make my proposal to her at the great landing-stage in front of the hotel did not work out because Jasmin was taking photos of us the whole time and I was looking for a sweet spot at the landing-stage when no one else was there….So I had to improvise and saw one of the 3 main Hotel buildings which has a great terrace for summer festivals and parties.

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So I asked her to come with me checking out the great view from up there. She was not in the best mood to follow as the weather outside made her already freezing. As the entered the Terrance I was walking around pretty nervous trying to find the right spot. Finally after 5 minutes of putting myself together I told her what Jasmin means to me and how wonderful my life became since she entered mine. I knelled in front of her and finally asked her to become my wifey, after realizing that this was real she started to cry and said yes :-) After enjoying this great moment we went down into the warmth of our hotel and enjoyed the last day of 2016 being officially engaged. In the evening we enjoyed a great diner and the New Years Eve firework at the seaside….

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