Jaslean and Luke

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How We Met

Luke and I have the ever so romantic we met on “Hinge.” Our first date was at a winery and it went so well he asked me to join him for a co-worker’s surprise birthday party. Little did I know that he told me that was his plan. He said, “if the date went well I’d invite you, If we didn’t click I had an excuse to leave.” 🤣 The next morning was our second date where we spent 7 hours at a coffee shop. We both sat there talking about life and even reading books and we felt so comfortable even in silence. That’s how I knew “wow it’s only a second date and we already can enjoy each other’s company without constantly having to talk.”

How They Asked

Two years ago at Hendrys Beach Luke asked me to be his girlfriend- now fast forward two years later and he asked me at the same spot to be his fiancé! It was an ordinary day where we went on a run on the beach- something we do every Friday- hence me in a running outfit never thinking I’d be proposed like this, but it was natural and the best way he could’ve done it. He stopped me and said, “do you see that dolphin?” I kept trying to look and couldn’t find it!

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As I turned around he was down on one knee and I was instantly crying. He surprised me by having my sister and her husband fly out and my friend documented the whole thing! The part that warmed my heart was two weeks before he told me he was going camping with a buddy. But he actually flew out to Arizona to surprise my parents and ask for their blessing in person. I truly found myself a gentleman ♥️

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Special Thanks

Nick Walden
 | Photographer
 | Planning