Jasi and Wendell

Georgia Marriage Proposal (1)How we met: I thought he was at a youth conference I attended, so I commented on one of his Instagram pictures, and the story began. He hadn’t even gone to the conference. But we started talking to each other at the end of September of 2013. We communicated for a short month when he decided to plan a random trip to Louisiana, for the 1st time at the end of October, with one of his best friends. They stayed for the whole week & that’s the week we had our first date (at Pujo Street Cafe in Lake Charles, Louisiana) followed by a horse and buggy ride through downtown. That’s also the week I fell in love. He came a few more times & again for Thanksgiving. I then left with him, both grandmas, my only little sister, & headed to Georgia for the first time! While we were there, he popped the first question! “Will you be my girlfriend?” With the question answered “yes”, many adventures began! Surprise visits, endless amounts of antique shopping, even more hours of him DRIVING to Louisiana, & on my end- many missed & delayed flights… Including the missed flight on the weekend of my surprise proposal.

how they asked: I arrived at the Houston airport in the afternoon. 12 hours passed and I was still there. By this time I was crying, called him & told him I probably couldn’t make it to Georgia that weekend and his exact words to me were- “Jasi, just do what-EVER it takes to catch that next flight.” And that I did. I finally arrived in Georgia a little after midnight & never had I been so relieved to see his face. He told me he had reservations for us in the morning to some place nice. We arrived to the surprise location and I was trying to video the scenery while he was holding my hand, leading me to “the spot”, while trying to pull me in front of him. (I later found out the ring box was in his back pocket.) He took me to the side of the Swan House, into a beautiful garden. He stood in front of me & started talking. At this point I was questioning what was going on. “So is this the reservation? Did you reserve this place? Are we like.. having a picnic? I’m so confused.” He kept talking- about us, and about asking my dad something. When I questioned what he talked to my dad about, he dropped to one knee, Ms. Brandy stepped out of the bushes, and he popped the 2nd question. “Will you marry me?” I was shaking, freaking out, repeatedly saying- “Are you serious!” After awhile, he responded, “So will you?” My answer finally came.

Georgia Marriage proposal (1)

“Yes! Are you serious!” Completely surprised and happier than ever, with pictures to describe every emotion of that day, our wedding planning has begun and the date has been set. The best is still yet to come.

Georgia Marriage proposal (2) Georgia Marriage proposal (3)

Georgia Marriage Proposal (6)

Georgia Marriage Proposal (5)

Photography by Expressions by Brandy