Jasbir and Bikram

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How We Met

“If you love something, let it go – if it comes back to you, it’s yours to keep forever.” Bik was my first boyfriend, we met when we were 16 – he was the new guy in grade 10 and we hit off a conversation at his locker. We dated for a few years into our early 20s – he was my first love and we experienced a lot of our first-times together. During our 20s however, we drifted and went our separate ways – we’d gotten so comfortable with one another that we no longer were growing, as individuals.

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We had been there for each other for some of the hardest times in our lives, one of which was his father passing away from cancer. There has always been significant amount of love and respect between the both of us, and a strong friendship. We’d check in with one another here and there, over the few years we didn’t spend together. It wasn’t until his dad’s 3rd anniversary in 2013, we decided to meet up and went bowling. He messaged me about how he was feeling, and said he only felt comfortable discussing it with me because I was with him during that time.

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That night, we had so much fun – it just clicked. It was the beginning of the many adventures we embarked on that summer together and by the end of it, all the feelings I thought I had let go, came rushing back. I booked a trip for us to go to New York; a few days together made us realize there was no one else we’d rather be with. Having time apart and dating other people, helped us grow as individuals and learn how to treat each other better.

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It was the best decision we could have made and it made our relationship better and created a stronger bond. He’s truly my best friend! Our passion for adventure encouraged us to go on road trips and travel to other parts of the world – We’ve been to California, Las Vegas, Mexico, Thailand, Costa Rica, and most recently, the continent of Africa; Egypt, Kenya – where he proposed and Cape Town! 13 years in the making – Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite!

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how they asked

We travel a lot, so we decided to visit the continent of Africa in May – my birthday month, after I graduated. Bik was persistent and wanted to spend an extra night in Kenya, after our safari tour. We were packed and ready, when a driver picked us up from our hotel – he blindfolded me until we reached our destination.

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Bik explained as an early birthday present, were visiting his good friends, before removing my blindfold. I opened my eyes to a dream come true – Giraffe Manor! A boutique hotel that regularly has residential giraffe visitors! I was ecstatic!!

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We checked in and spent the rest of our day lounging. I was told to be “birthday ready” for tea at 5 PM and we’d be having a professional photographer take pictures of us with the giraffes. While sipping tea, feeding beautiful giraffes who made their way onto the property, and being photographed, Bik held my hand and said he wanted to say something.

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I could tell he was nervous. He went on to talk about our journey and how each adventure we went on, made him love me more. He ended off with, I want to continue travelling the entire world with you and there’s only one way I can guarantee that.

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He reached for his pocket, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I was shocked – I’m still in shock, Of course I nodded and held out my hand, there’s no one in the world, I’d rather spend my life with! @thesafaricollection

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Special Thanks

Jared G. Maina
 | Photographer
Linet Okemo
 | Planning