Jarrad and Michael

How We Met

We are a same-sex couple who met over 17 years ago in Hobart Tasmania.

how they asked

After organizing photographers, balloon stylists and the perfect ring, I had a foolproof plan in place. The hardest part of the whole thing was keeping it a secret from our son Reid. His entire class would have heard about it before I got round to proposing. We don’t have secrets in our house, it’s something we’ve instilled to Reid from a young age.

I had organised a room at a friend’s home to be filled with a breathtaking balloon arrangement, including 17 photographs hanging from the balloons throughout the room – one for every year of our life together.

With our beautiful son by our side, I got down on one knee and begun to read a heartfelt proposal, before asking the 5 words I’d been waiting to say for so many years, “Michael, will you marry me?”.

Special Thanks

Corey Wright
Mister Party box
Balloon Stylist