Jaria and Geoffrey

How We Met

Geoff and I always lived blocks away growing up on the Northside of Chicago, however, we never crossed paths until we were in our early 20’s. Geoff was playing racketball professionally and was training at a gym that I got a job at. I was working at the front desk when he walked in and we instantly hit it off and became friends. I worked at that gym for about two years and we always spoke very kindly to one another. Once I quit, due to personal reasons he quit the sport and stopped going to that gym as well. Years later I got a friend to add on my Snapchat and wondered “who is this?!!” He sent me a snap and I remember yelling “Oh my god!!!! Geoff!!!” I told him we needed to hang out ASAP! One Saturday he was out with his friends and I told him to meet me at a bar, he rode his bike to meet me up and we saw each other after years. This time the vibe was so different. we weren’t platonic friends, he kept touching my lower back and to my surprise, I was okay with that gesture. Geoff walked away to get a drink and one of my friends leaned in and said you’re going to marry him, and I said noooo we’re just friends.

How They Asked

After 10 years of knowing each other and being friends, Geoff and I started dating about 4 years ago. This past year was so tough for us so Geoff decided to whisk me away to Nice, France for Christmas. While we were there he booked a one-night suite at la Colombe D’or, a hotel in Saint Paul de Vence. This hotel has a rich history of famous artists like Picasso and Chagall staying there for inspiration. Saint Paul is a medieval town that is absolutely out of a fairytale story. The entire day I am just flabbergasted because of all the beauty in this small little village. Geoff tells me to get ready because he has something special planned for us so I get ready and we head out. We hike up this little road to a view of the entire village and he stops me in my tracks.

I never thought I’d get emotional but he and I fought against all odds and we finally made it. We both got so emotional and after I said yes, I turn around to see an older couple wiping away their tears and hugging each other. That was such a beautiful sign for us and they wished us a beautiful life together. The photographer guides us into Saint Paul where we have our photoshoot and then bids us farewell.

We go back into the hotel and Geoff tells me, “okay now we really do need to make it to our dinner reservations so freshen up real quick” we do that and head out again. As we walk to “the restaurant” he convinced me to see the sunset where he proposed, I agree and we walk up to the view. As I am walking up, I gasped because there was a gorgeous champagne picnic set up for us. Everything so well thought out. Long stem roses handpicked from a town nearby, a perfume from the town Gras, macaroons hand-selected after searching 3 towns, candles and fruits everywhere. I couldn’t have dreamt a more gorgeous proposal, here’s to forever 🍾🥂

Special Thanks

 | Photographer