Jared and Jackie

How we met

Jared and I actually grew up 25 minutes apart from each other in Orange County, but it wasn’t until we were both in Seattle that we finally met. We were even in the same exact place at the same time. We traced it back to us both being at the same restaurant the night of his sister’s rehearsal dinner, but in hindsight, it wasn’t our time to meet each other yet. My mom has worked with his aunt for 20 years and when they both found out that Jared was moving to Seattle, where I was living, their matchmaking skills were tingling. They set us up for a “harmless dinner” that ultimately turned into the rest of our lives. We’ve basically been dating ever since, which both my mom and his aunt absolutely love! We don’t mind it either :)

how they asked

He’s the cutest and a terrible liar. We were headed to Laguna Beach to meet his brother and his brother’s girlfriend for an afternoon of drinks at the Montage. On our way down, his brother called us through the car and said they had picked up a bottle of wine and that we should meet them down at the beach before drinks. We both agreed and walked down to Tablerock Beach which was absolutely stunning. The only problem was, it was the day after Thanksgiving and like 85 degrees, so the beach was PACKED.

Poor Jared was looking for a secluded spot to finally pop the question (while I thought he was looking around for his brother), and finally, next to two gals in their bikinis, he plopped down on one knee and asked.

The beach erupted in cheers, which made me instantly start sweating, but it was like something out of a movie. Then Jessica Piro (our photographer) came over with chilled champagne and started snapping the rest of our day. It was the most us proposal I could have imagined. Funny and awkward, but so filled with love!!!

Special Thanks