Jared and Hana

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Mount Hood, Oregon

How We Met

Hana and I met through an organization that trains guide dogs and a mutual friend. Our friend had a guide dog who was career changed due to health issues, and I adopted the dog. Wanting to keep up with his training, I came to club events and met Hana. She had raised the dog’s brother, and so we started talking about all things dogs. It all just went from there! Chewy even did a story about it. (https://petcentral.chewy.com/failed-service-dog-love-story/)

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Mount Hood, Oregon

Proposal Ideas Mount Hood, Oregon

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Mount Hood, Oregon

How They Asked

Hana loves puzzles and the outdoors and of course dogs. So I wanted a proposal that would have something of all of those. We’ve done several escape rooms together and really love them. Hana is amazing at them, too! We have a 100% clear rate as a team. So I thought it would be fun to put together a custom escape room in a cabin on Mt. Hood.

But I wanted it to be a big surprise! So I worked with a mutual friend and her sister to keep it a secret and “invite” her to try out this new escape room idea called “BnB Breakouts.” Basically, you rent a place and have an escape room experience. I really wanted to sell it as being legitimate so she didn’t know the proposal was coming, so I built a fake website and kept everything a secret.

I booked a cabin that allowed dogs up on Mt. Hood and designed the escape room around a criminal who had fled the state. The escape room needed you to uncover clues to find the partner they were meeting, the city he had fled to, the time of the meeting, location of the meeting, and a secret object that was being brought. All of these were final answers to a box that included binoculars. Hana was then selected by our escape room group to use the binoculars to find “the final clue.” In reality, it was to let our photographer come out from a locked room and for me to get down on one knee.

Hana was completely surprised! She had no idea it was coming. And we got a lot of little details right through the help of other friends. One was able to get her nails done from a prior hangout they had planned. Another, who was the “friend” of the made-up company’s owner said we needed to dress nice so that the pictures and videos we took could be used on their website. And of course, we got to have the dogs there!

All in all, I’m really glad how it turned out. It took a lot of planning and there were times when we thought she’d figure it out, but it went as smoothly as I think it could have. The location was great, she loved the ring, and we all had a great time with the escape room.

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