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How We Met

How We Met (Luke’s short version) Well we first officially met at a college involvement fair where mutual friend introduced us. However, I’m the only one who remembers the encounter.. The first time we talked and both remembered it was at a CRU bonfire. We both arrived late and pulled up right next to each other. We walked in together and interacted sporadically throughout the night. Later that night, I Facebook messaged her and the rest is history.

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How We Met (Janzyn’s) Luke and I *supposedly* met at that college involvement fair he is always bringing up… But the first time I have a memory of him was when we were at a CRU bonfire at mutual friend’s house! I was seriously debating getting out of my car to even go to the bonfire, 1. Because I was meeting some friends there and I was the third wheel, 2. Because I was tired and didn’t want to mingle too much, and 3. I knew there were going to be lots of people that I didn’t know.. But in the midst of talking myself in and out of staying- I remember a car (Luke’s) coming towards me and the spot beside me and then got incredibly self conscious that I was sitting in my car.. alone.

I ended up getting out and we sort of awkwardly walked up to the fire together. I brought a container of cookies in… and Luke ate half of them! Throughout that night we mingled a little on and off before the night ended. We left around the same time, and being the smooth guy he is, I got a Facebook message from him later that night! F rom there it didn’t take long for the both of us to realize there was something more there. A quick two weeks later-We were a couple! And now a year and a half later, engaged. :)

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how they asked

Okay. So I just need to tell people- I am not easily surprised. I absolutely overthink every possible situation so that it’s almost impossible to pull one over on me.. But man did he surprise me! Luke and I have talked about marriage since before we started dating. He made it very clear that he doesn’t take relationships lightly. He dates for a goal of a Christ-honoring and centered marriage, and being someone who has dated my fair share of boys who feel the opposite of that, it’s one of the many things I instantly adored about Luke. So that being said, Luke was up here playing football for UND but recently moved away after his last season on the team to start an internship at a church in Madison, WI. Being almost 10 hours away from each other has been difficult, especially since we started more seriously talking about marriage and the possibility of it becoming reality sooner rather than later.

It also means that I have another sly way of telling if he was going to try to come and surprise me- Which would be him not texting me back often because he would be driving over here! Anyway, a couple of my closest friends were coming to come to town, one from Fargo, another from Mankato, MN, and the last all the way from FL. I originally had a few suspicions that it was going to be the same weekend that Luke was going to come and propose… BUT I had gotten a few messages and was seriously CONVINCED that Luke was going to a 5th & 6th grade winter retreat that he couldn’t get out of even though he had tried, and how sorry and upset he was that he couldn’t come up to see me.

I honestly would have been suspicious, and had thought of googling it to be sure, but he seemed so so upset about it and my friends were all making plans of how we were going to fill up our weekend! (He really was thorough in making sure everyone played their parts of having no idea what was going to actually happen!) So little ole me, slightly disappointed, but excited for the weekend, let go of all possibilities of it and was stoked for the time to come with my girls. On Friday night after dinner, my mom told me that she had arranged for us to get all dolled up and looking nice, and that a driver would come to pick us up for a night of fun! There was a dress, shoes, and jewelry all picked out for me “from my mom” (shout out to my girls for their good taste) and we had time to hang out and get ready!

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After we finished and had taken a few photos my mom told us that our ride was here- but wait! That we couldn’t go out until I got one more thing. She came out of her room and presented me with a card and a single rose. Butterflies started to swirl in my stomach as I opened the card and saw the words, “Janzyn, Tonight is the night.

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Sit back and soak it all in because it’s going to go fast.” IT WAS HAPPENING. I looked over to see my mom with tears and her eyes, finished reading the letter, and walk all but shoved out of the door! I walked out my house to see one of Luke’s best friends waiting for me and holding another card and rose. I quickly read it, and got into the car where Luke had made an entire CD of our songs and songs that described our relationship almost perfectly. (Stay, Stay, Stay by T-Swift is seriously so on point.) So Luke arranged for 6 more stops with cards and roses handed to me by people we love, all of the places having a role in the relationship we were in.

The second to last stop, and my second favorite stop- My bestie all the way from Savannah, GA walked out to surprise me!! *que instant tears and make up streaks* The final stop was at a coffee shop downtown that I adore. I got dropped off at the front doors and walked in to see a group of people that I loved staring at me expectantly. I locked eyes with my mom who pointed to a room that I was to go into. I walked in to the dimly lit room, shut the door behind me and watched as Luke hit play and I heard our song, Die A Happy Man by Thomas Rhett start playing.

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I walked forward and we started to dance. (We love dancing) And instantly started rambling on about how I had no idea this was happening and how I was so shocked and that I couldn’t believe he was there and Luke politely cut me off, telling me that it was his turn to talk. I know that he said so so many lovely, amazing, beautiful words, and then got down on one me asking me to marry him, but I don’t remember a single word. I’m pretty sure I said yes and then watched as he put an absolutely beautiful ring on my finger.

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I remember the feeling more than anything. Well, feelings actually. Joy, love, excitement, thankfulness, and so many others all wrapped in to one incredible package. Next thing I know- Our family and friends all started piling in with their congratulations and encouragements.

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All in all- It was an incredible evening and I just know that I have been insanely blessed to be getting ready to become Mrs. Mathewson. I cannot wait to marry this man. Shout out to You, Jesus for knowing what you were doing putting us together. ;)

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