Jannike and Layne

How We Met

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We first met at work, they hired her on as a new cashier, I remember the first time I walked by her I thought she was gorgeous (still do), and as the days went by we talked more and more and realized we have a lot in common and that we both we unhappy in our current relationship, once she left her boyfriend soon after I left my girlfriend and almost immediately we started dating, it moved pretty quick and within 3 months we were living together, she has a daughter from her previous relationship when we started dating she was 2 years old at the time we started dating, she loves me and calls me daddy, fast forward 4 1/2 years I decided it was time, Jannike had been wanting to marry me since day once lol so I think I made her wait long enough

how they asked

when I finally decided its time to propose I had to try to figure out a special way to do it, I didn’t want to do a regular boring proposal I had to figure out a way to make it special and memorable, I had a few different ideas but none of them ended up working out BUT my work had a bbq and raffle as an employee appreciation type of event, with the grand prize being 4 tickets to Disneyland, and who would have known that I won the grand prize, now keep in mind I don’t like Disneyland and didn’t want to go but Jannike insisted we go and take our daughter since its so expensive this would probably be the only time we would go, with great hesitation I agreed. a few weeks went by and we decided on a date to go, now I have a lot to do before we go, I still had to go get the ring, have it sized and done by the date, and I decided to make it more special by secretly inviting her best friend who lives in AZ and her husband and son who’s around the same age as our daughter to come as a surprise, I looked up different ways to propose and if Disneyland helps in anyway and the most generic way was of course in front of the castle, I did NOT want to do the castle so when I was researching it I found out they do the engagement sketches/character drawings, so I called and set it up, for dec 19th 11am, right around Christmas so we would see the parade and all the Christmas stuff Disneyland had, I wanted to get there when they opened but we ended up getting IN the park at 10:45 WAYYY later than I wanted and way to close for comfort, her best friend knew my plan and she knew where we had to go so she took the lead and led us to where we had to go, Jannike and Payton (our daughter) had no idea, we had to wait an hour for the ride so I suggested we get the drawing done, it went perfect, it took her about 5 seconds (seemed like forever) to realize what the drawing said but her reaction was priceless, she of course said yes and I had a small crowd cheer for us, we have that memory but we also have the paining to forever remember it :) also the video is on my facebook just search my name Layne Sais and request me to see it since my profile is on private

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