Jannia and Zakaria

Jannia's Proposal in Our apt, Inwood, NYC

How We Met

Zakaria & I met while I was living abroad in Morocco four years ago. We dated for three years in person and one-year long distance until he was able to move to the United States.

Proposal Ideas Our apt, Inwood, NYC

How They Asked

I thought I was planning his birthday game night, but really I’m the one that got surprised. Zakaria proposed to me during his birthday party. All of our close friends were there, which I thought was really sweet since he hadn’t been living in the country for a long time. But the truth was that he was going to propose and had reached out to my friends and sister to plan the surprise. I thought I had sorted out all of the details for the party, but In a matter of seconds all these engagement decorations went up and I had no idea how my friends got them inside. It was a true surprise.

Special Thanks

Jannelys Mercedes
 | Planning
Karen Cardosa
 | Planning
Ana Rodriguez
 | Planning
Blue Nile
 | Ring