Janneke and Sebastiaan

How We Met

We know each other for a long time about 16 years since we shared friends. At that time, I found him really annoying and immature. 5 years later we decided to go on a group holiday and we went skiing. Let’s say that Skiing is not my talent, so I struggled whole week. In the middle of the week, he was in the skiing elevator and I managed to ski down without falling. From the elevator he cheered at me which made me realize that he wasn’t that annoying anymore. During the week we had a lot of fun, and I have to say that some shots (read: tired and strong alcohol) did his work… during the holiday we fell in love and since than we are still in love.

life is so much better with him!

how they asked

Image 1 of Janneke Sleeuwenhoek and Sebastiaan

He surprised me for 30st birthday with a trip to new york city!!! for both of us it was the 2nd visit. So we made our wish list.

This time we wanted to visit the top of the rok instead of the empire state building. we went up round sunset and we just bought a new camera.. So I tried every setting on the camera. And suddenly a ring appeared in my screen of which I made picture, I turned around and he proposed. I didn’t see anything of the view anymore, only tears (happy tears)