Janna and Kel

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How We Met

Kel and I grew up together in the same town. Our life lead us each in different directions. Kel spent some time living in the states and then until in 2014 we both found ourselves home and single and we got talking one night a local hotel 2 weeks later we took a short drive for ice cream and Kel dropped me home 12 hours later. It went from there and the rest is history.

how they asked

Kel and I had plans to have lunch in the hunter valley (or so I thought). So on Sunday morning Kel got up and went to work and I spent a lazy Sunday morning around the house. We were due to leave at 11 and at 10:50 kel rang to tell me he was bogged and that he would be late. He said that he had arranged for me to get a loft with a girlfriend and that he would meet me there. I really wasn’t happy to be going without him. I spent the trip over the to hunter valley complaining to my girlfriend about how cranky I was with him and how much I was looking forward to spending the day with him. As we arrived in the hunter valley my girlfriend baby began to cry I shifted around in the car to fuss on her and my girlfriend suggest we make a pit stop.

She pulled over and got out I assumed to feed the baby. She opened my door, handed my an umbrella and told me that I was getting out here. As I got out of the car I realized where we were. She hugged me goodbye ,told me that I needed to ring Kel and drove off. I was standing in front of the hunter valley gardens. This place was special Kel and I had visited this garden many times together before and it was one of our favorite places. Tears fell from my eyes and rolled down my checks. I new then today was going to be special. Kel was going to ask me to be his wife. I rang kel. On the phone he sounded so cool, care and casual. I asked him where he was and he told me he was feeding the fish and asked if I new where he was. When I told him I did he told me to come find me and hung up.

I new exactly where Kel was inside the garden is a gorgeous pond filled with cio fish and I set of to find him. As I entered the reception of the gardens the two laddies there pointed my down a little and told me Kel was waiting for me. As I ventured down the path hunter Hayes filled the garden. It was our song “crazy” playing. I knew this wasn’t a coincidence. At the end of the path I found Kel and as he meet me my heart raced. I had been waiting for this day.

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Kel took me by the hand and told me he had know he wanted to marry me since the night we first meet and so many other wonderful things. He then got down on on knew and asked me to marry with the most beautiful ring I had ever seen.

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We both stood there completely lost in the love and emotion of what had just happened. Kel wiped the tears from eyes and as I looked up I noticed a lady approaching is.

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She introduced herself as a photographer. Kel had hired her to capture the proposal she had goosebumps and was so excited to have witnessed what had just happened. She asked if we would like to take some photos together and we then spent the next few hours strolling around the beautiful setting. I can’t believe the magic of the day. I feel so lucky to call Kel my fiancé and so blessed he took the the effort make the my day so special. We now plan to get married in the gardens!

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Special Thanks

Nicole buttler
 | Photographed