Janki and Sheevam

How We Met

My best friend had recommended that I get on a dating app that he was using. I was hesitant about online dating, but nonetheless, I listened to him and downloaded Dil Mil. I wasn’t exactly looking for my “husband” at that time but I knew that if I met someone special, I wouldn’t turn him down. I came across Sheevam’s profile and gave him a “Dil.” He messaged me and we starting talking. At one point, I thought everything was too good to be true.

He was good looking, had the morals and qualities I was looking for in a guy, and we had so much in common. After numerous texts, phone calls, and FaceTime calls, we made plans to meet up. Instead of waiting for our planned date, one evening I got impatient and booked a flight to see him 6 hours before it was to depart. We only had 24 hours together before I had to leave, but in those 24 hours, we quickly realized how perfect we were for each other.

How They Asked

Sheevam and I had made plans to go on a trip this year. I’ve always talked about wanting to go to Chicago because I had never been. It took us a while to finalize where we would be going due to Sheevam’s busy work schedule, but one-day Sheevam said he found a good deal on flights to Chicago. I thought that was great and didn’t suspect a thing. We get to Chicago on the first day and did the typical touristy things. At one point we passed a hotel building that had a sign saying there was a rooftop bar on the 21st floor. I thought it would be a great place to check out while we were in Chicago so Sheevam texted his friend that lives in Chicago, who we were planning on meeting up with the next day. The next day comes and Sheevam finalizes that we would be meeting his friend at 5 PM at the LondonHouse rooftop bar, the same bar we had seen the sign for the day before.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in LondonHouse Hotel in Chicago, IL

We started the day with brunch and proceeded to do more touristy things. Later that afternoon, we get to the 21st floor of the hotel and the host guides us to another elevator. I thought it was bizarre because I thought we were already on the rooftop, but I had never been there before so I didn’t think anything of it. We get off the elevator and I see a guy standing there and no one else. I thought it must be Sheevam’s friend. The host then guided us to a set of stairs off to the side. At the top of the stairs, I saw rose petals all over the ground with a table that had a bottle of champagne and two glasses.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in LondonHouse Hotel in Chicago, IL

I IMMEDIATELY froze and turned around and asked, “what’s going on?!?!” Sheevam had the biggest smile on his face and said, “this is for you!” Sheevam got on one knee and proposed, the sweetest words were spoken. Once he put the (BEAUTIFUL) ring on my finger, he directed me to the table. Also on the table was a scrapbook he made. The scrapbook was all about our story; from the first day we met, the absurd screenshots he took from our FaceTime calls until the day of him proposing. It was the most thoughtful and romantic gesture. As I turned the last page, Sheevam said he had one more surprise. I turned around and my best friend from college was waiting there!!!

Janki and Sheevam's Engagement in LondonHouse Hotel in Chicago, IL

Sheevam had planned on proposing at LondonHouse several months in advance. He had orchestrated every detail of the proposal so thoughtfully. The proposal was perfect, private, romantic, and thoughtful. Luckily, Mother Nature didn’t throw us any surprises! I was completely surprised and had no suspicion that he was going to propose while in Chicago! It will forever be the best day of my life! Oh and that guy that was standing outside, who I thought was Sheevam’s friend, was actually our photographer, Lukas. Sheevam had picked him to take pictures of our special moment in advance as well. He did a great job with our pictures!

Janki's Proposal in LondonHouse Hotel in Chicago, IL

Special Thanks

Lukas Keapproth
 | Photographer