Janis and Tom

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How We Met

Well, it all began back in November 2012, we met online and after about two weeks of talking via text message we decided to get coffee(I’m not a coffee drinker). We went to Starbucks to meet in a public place because I didn’t know who he was and if there was a problem I could scream and people can help me lol. So after work we met up but he kept me waiting but he had a good excuse, he was a chief in the fire department and he had gotten a call. So when he finally showed up about 45 min. Later we got coffee and talked for about 2 hours in Starbucks until they were closing and kicked us out at about 10 pm we then sat in his chief truck and talked until about 2 am when we realized the time and we both had to go home. From that night on we talked every day and I bought him coffee to his job site if it was close enough before I went to work, come December we made it official and started dating on 12/12/12.

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And he couldn’t come into my life at a better time, We have been inseparable ever since, we have learned to care for one another to respect one another and most of all love one another, We don’t fight we don’t argue if something is bothering one of us we talk about it right then and there and squash it before it turns into something bigger, He is my best friend he picks me up when I am down, he knows just what to say at the right time, he may not be the most romantic person but that doesnr bother me in not that kind of girl either, we would rather show eachother that we love one another by laying on the ground in a puddle of oil and transmission fluid from a broken truck and work together, then have him say to me im sorry you got your nails all dirty or brok one and will tell me to go get it fixex on his dime. He has made the best come out in me I am forever grateful to have him in my life and his family is amazing.

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how they asked

So after 5 years of building a business together and helping him in the welding shop, there isn’t anything this man can’t do he finally asked me to marry him at our friend’s Christmas party. He was late because there was a job in the shop but when he got there I was in the kitchen making mashed potatoes and I had butter all over my fingers our friend Chrissy screamed it’s picture time come on pictures they’re leaving I looked at Chrissy and I said who is leaving I have butter all over my hands give me two minutes and I’ll be there to take pictures Chrissy said no now now-now let’s go let’s take pictures now.

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So I came over to our picture wall and was standing there with Tommy and I’m looking at chriasy not knowing she’s taking a video I thought she was taking a picture and I’m looking at her and I said come on already what are you doing are you taking a picture or not in the meantime time he reached into his pocket and pulled out a napkin and handed it to me and I began to wipe my hand off because I had butter on it still and he said no no no open the napkin and when I opened the napkin there was my rang and he asked me to marry him In front of all of our friends it was so amazing!

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