Janine and Steven

How We Met

We met online in May of 2011 and then met in person a few months later!

how they asked

He is a pilot, and often when we go flying we will fly low over his sisters house so she can hear and know it’s us. (We were in a 4 seater Piper Arrow). He told me he needed more cross country hours and wanted to fly from Ann Arbor to Grand Rapids for the day. So we took off and shortly after he started to deceive and I knew we were just going to buzz Alyssa’s (his sister) house. As we bank, I look out over the wing and in huge 8 foot letters across her yard read “Janine will you marry me”. I did a double take and immediately started crying.

I managed to get yes out and he handed me the box with the ring. He couldn’t put it on me himself since he was flying the plane ha. We circled a few more times then landed back at the airport for pictures! (We were never going to Grand Rapids ha)

Proposal Ideas Over Chelsea, MI

Special Thanks

Alyssa, Cheryl, and Pat Cavanaugh |