Janie and Russ

Where to Propose in Pittsburgh PA

How We Met

Russ and I met at work. We didn’t work directly together, just in the same building. But every time I would see him, I would get so excited and nervous. I always had butterflies when he was around. He asked me out on October 5th, we went to the Hofbrahaus and had the best time. Our love has continued to grow stronger, each and every day. I knew he was the one and I can’t wait to marry my best friend.

How They Asked

The number 222 has always been very meaningful to me. My late grandmother always played triple 2’s and when she was dying, I asked her to give me signs whenever she was in heaven. Well, I see the number everywhere, addresses, on the treadmill, license plates, 2:22 PM, phone numbers, buses. You name it, I always see it!

Janie's Proposal in Pittsburgh PA

Russ took me to Phipps Conservatory, it was beautiful but I was really hungry and just wanted to leave. I could tell he was frustrated but we left and went to the Hofbrahaus for some food. We had a drink and a soft pretzel. As we were heading out, he said let’s walk over to the river. We sat on a bench and he pulled out a book with a ribbon and bow on it. It was a scrapbook of all our memories and different song lyrics. At the end of the book, it said it’s 2/22/2020 at 2:22 PM… will you marry me? It was so special and so thoughtful, definitely the best day of my life.

I felt bad because his initial plan was to propose at Phipps Conservatory, but since I was complaining and “hangry” we went to grab food. It all worked out because I was a bawling mess and it happened outside of the place of our first date, so I was very happy about that.