Janie and Armando

Janie's Proposal in Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

How We Met

How we met (his side): Janie never knew it until recently but the official first time I saw her was in the parking lot of our work office. She was parked in a spot that I had just pulled into next to her car. I definitely had a bit of a (cue Joey voice) “How YOU doin?’” moment. I saw her leave her car and enter the building and I had a gut feeling that she works for the same company as me. And I was right! We met maybe a month after my first sighting of her at happy hour. Luck was definitely on my side.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

How we met (her side): Our story started three years ago at happy hour with a group of our co-workers at Father’s Office, a popular burger spot in Los Angeles. We started to talk a bit but then I had to leave early to drive an hour from L.A. to my mom’s home, where I spend my weekends with family and my little pup, Coco. A few days later, he came up with this grand story that he had to sell something that he had listed on Craigslist in Newport Beach and asked if I was free that Saturday for lunch. He knew that my weekends were spent away from L.A. Little did I know then, I fell for the story and we met after he met with the “Craigslist person”. He had planned the day to spend it at Balboa Island and so we took the ferry to the island (his favorite part) and had lunch at this cute Italian restaurant, Trattoria (my favorite part). It was the perfect day for our first date of exploring Balboa Island. The weather was warm, the sun was out, and I can just remember how comfortable I felt with him — there was no awkwardness at all! From that moment on, we were pretty much stuck like glue or gums on each other’s shoe (as my sister likes to tease us and say). We’ve been traveling and exploring the world together since.

how they asked

It’s crazy to think that we’ve been together for three years and have already traveled to so many places together. Not only have I found my other half but also someone who enjoys traveling as much as I do and can keep up with my wild food and travel itineraries. So, naturally, I didn’t think it was out of the ordinary that for my birthday gift, he wanted to take me to Italy. Knowing how I am a crazy planner whenever we go to Europe, he let me have full reign over our itinerary as usual. Our first stop was Florence where he got to show me around his favorite city in Italy — it was so fun to walk the same streets he did years ago and tell me his stories from his backpacking days. Then off we went on a train to Positano in Amalfi Coast. The night we checked in, it was dark so we couldn’t really see the view from our balcony. But, oh boy the view in the morning was incredible! It looked exactly like the postcards of Positano.

On day three in Positano, he had hired a private car to drive us to Pompeii where we spent a good chunk of the day at the ruins — it could take days to really see and learn about the site. Our driver was so kind and on the way back stopped at a viewpoint for us to see Sorento from afar. He then drove us to a pizza place for lunch because when in Napoli, you eat pizza! After that, I was about ready to take a nap as food coma was setting in. We got back to our hotel and I quickly passed out! I woke up and Armando wanted to take pictures of us on the balcony before sunset. I didn’t really think anything was off since we took pictures the day before in the morning. He set up our mini tripod and I was still in my hotel slippers.

Armando had to point out how it will show up in our pictures and so I quickly changed into sneakers. As he was snapping away with the tripod remote, it was in the middle of posing that he grabbed my hands and held them for a minute before he asked THE question. It happened so fast and I just remember going in for a big bear hug and holding him so tight in that moment. I’d have to say that was the easiest question to answer ever.

I have always been a Paris girl and he knew it. But Positano really is something else. Of course he proposed to me in Italy since our first date was at an Italian restaurant! The day after we were off to Venice where we made the best of our time there and squeezed in an impromptu engagement shoot! He’s the best and my heart jumps for joy knowing he will always be mine. Thank you to Vito for accommodating our very last minute request for our engagement shoot in Venice!

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