Janice and John

Janice's Proposal in Eiffel Tower in Paris

How We Met

We met almost 6 years ago when I was still in my undergrad and was working part-time at a cafe… across the street from his office! I wasn’t the one to notice him at first. I would only notice him when my coworkers talked about how “tall and handsome” they thought this guy was. I would occasionally look up and be like “yeah, he’s alright! But he does have nice eyes.” Eventually, I noticed this guy coming in more and more often to get a cup of coffee and sometimes he would go through my till so we would make small talk, but nothing more. One Friday evening when there was no one else in line and he came through my till I asked him “do you really need this 5th cup of coffee?!” His response was “no, I just come over to see you,” and the rest is history…

How They Asked

John has started his Masters Degree program based out of Dublin so it required him to travel there to write his exams. We figured we might as well make it a vacation in Europe since we’ll be traveling 10+ hours to get there already. I obviously used this as an excuse to finally visit Paris (since I’ve dreamt of going ever since I can remember)!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Eiffel Tower in Paris

I had found the most perfect spot for pictures so I was occupied and busy getting that perfect shot. When I was finally done, I turned around and there he was – waiting on one knee, ring in hand… now I have an excuse to go back to Paris for life!