Janey and Mackenzie

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How We Met

Our story began in 8th grade at Washington Jr. High, which is where we first met! Fast forward to Sophmore year of high school, when we had Spanish class together and assigned seats right next to each other! Needless to say, we both ended up failing the class. After much flirting, texting and tons of butterflies he asked me to go on a date (FINALLY), which was actually his birthday! So he picked me up from my house and took me to the mall, he knew my love for scarves so he continuously begged me to let him buy me one! A first date at 16, still came with every bit of awkwardness, butterflies, and trembling hands; which got even worse as we were standing in front of his truck and he asked me to be his girlfriend! Little did we know that was just the beginning of our forever.

We dated all through high school, graduated together in 2014, I began my career as a stylist and he went to college to pursue his! We then moved out together with our 2 friends in summer of 2015 (We were so excited about this tiny apartment being ours)! This coming December will mark 5 years for us, counting each year with him has been so much fun! We’re always looking forward to the next!

how they asked

Fast forward yet again to April 23rd, 2016 it was a typical Saturday (or so I thought) I finished work and we had planned on painting a few rooms in our new house! His parents lake house is right across from our soon-to-be new home, so we went over there to eat before we got hard to work at painting! We invited our 2 friends to come help us paint, little did I know they were actually there to capture the big moment for us! Once they show up I go out there to greet them, and it wasn’t long until they both hurried to the front of the cabin.

Mackenzie says “Janey come here” so I do, he starts pulling a box from his pocket and I couldn’t believe it! He gets down on one knee, he starts saying sweetest things I’d ever heard (at this point we are both teary eyed), and finishes off with “Janey will you marry me?”

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I couldn’t do anything besides hug him, I was in such shock! He leans back and looks at me and says “Well will you?!”

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Of course I SAID YES, which is why were here now planning our forever! He decided to propose to me in front of the rock which has his families and my soon to be new last name engraved on it, everything was beautiful and meant more than anything else ever could have!

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We cant wait to say “I Do”, and are counting down the days until we become Husband & Wife! We are forever thankful God let our story start so early, so we could love each other a little longer!

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