Janette and Collin

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How We Met

Collin and I go way back. It all began when we were in 6th grade (2010). It was during this time when our schools competed against each other at a local basketball tournament. After the game, we were able to get aquatinted and share phone numbers. We were fast friends and eventually started dating. A few weeks later we realized that long-distance wasn’t our thing but remained friends. As our own lives drifted us apart we went on through life. I stayed in the area while in high school he moved to Arizona to a soccer academy. Just when we thought a 30-minute distance was far, it grew further. At this time we had forgotten about each other. That changed a few short years later. Collin moved back home but this time he transferred to my high school to play soccer (his original school didn’t offer soccer). We soon picked up where we had left off in our relationship. From our graduation, we have done so many things! We went to Africa on a mission trip, traveled to many places in the US on road trips, and even went to the same college. It is an understatement to say our love grew exponentially. Since we reunited, both of us knew we would eventually get married. Even on our first date, Collin went home and told his family he would marry me. Just this summer, July 2020, we planned our most recent trip to Glacier National Park in Montana. Here he planned a secret proposal. I’m excited to announce that at Lake McDonald on July 29th, 2020 Collin asked me to marry him. We plan on getting married next summer.

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How They Asked

Collin had booked a couple-session with a local photographer. Here we went to a few locations to take photos. At the end of our hour-long session, he asked the photographer if we can have time for candid photos. This was his cue he was ready. He ran to the car, to get the ring, and the photographer said, “Let me get a few shots of you both walking down the dock and I’ll be behind you”.

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Collin took my hand and led us down the dock where he professed his love and admiration of me as well as how much he loved taking care of me. He then ended this by getting on one knee and asking me to marry him, putting the cherry on top of the photo session and even our trip to Montana.

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Special Thanks

Amber Lynn
 | Photographer