Janette and Andrew

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how we met

It was Summer of 2011 when Andrew and I first met. We were on the same team for our mission trip to Bolivia and we instantly connected. He was extremely sweet and unusually nice to me even though he was younger than me. Later, it became clear to me that he had strong feelings towards me but I was in denial. As cheesy as this may sound, the moment I stopped focusing on his age, I started to see his heart. After we returned, we became a couple and have been together ever since!

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how they asked

Andrew and I went on an adventure to Iceland. My oh my, it was hands down the most majestic and serene place I’ve ever seen. No matter where we were standing, we were in awe from our surroundings. It was hard for us to not step out of our car to photograph every second of this place, but not even my DSLR camera could capture its true beauty. We just made sure to take lots of mental pictures!

Out of all the places we visited in Iceland, Skógafoss was by far our favorite. This waterfall was so majestic, massive, and mesmerizing. When I was filming the waterfall, all the tourists suddenly disappeared and Andrew quickly grabbed my hand. We frolicked towards the waterfall and then he turned to me. The first word that came out of his mouth was, “So…” and as he’s talking I just froze. Knowing what was coming, my eyes started to swell, and everything became a blur. He pulled out a black box from inside his jacket, got down on his knee and asked, “Will you marry me?” Overwhelmed with so many emotions, I nodded and said, “Yes.” It was undeniably epic. (Read more on my blog: http://janettekim.com/blog/iceland)

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