Janet and Patrick's Disneyland Proposal

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How We Met: Patrick and I met in the most cliche way possible: at a wedding! At the time, he was working at a school for children with disabilities with my distant cousin. On July 27, 2012, at my cousin’s wedding, I glanced across the room and I saw this handsome guy looking over at me. I was so shy and did not even try talking to him all night. Finally, while I was dancing, he came up to me and asked “Are you from the bride’s side or groom’s side?” I shyly replied “The bride is my cousin.” Those are the only words we spoke to one another all night! I was so sad I never got his name or gave him mine, but in the car my mom turned to me and said, “If it’s meant to be, he will find you.” A couple of weeks later, I saw a message in my inbox from a complete stranger named Patrick. I opened the message and sure enough he had found me! Apparently, Patrick had waited for my cousin to come back from her honeymoon and once she did he approached her and said, “I need to know the name of your cousin in the black dress.” The rest is history.

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how they asked: Patrick and I have this tradition where we go to Disneyland on my birthday. So on my 22nd birthday we headed out to Disneyland where I got my “Happy Birthday” pin. Oddly, the night before, my sister made time to do my hair and help me pick out an outfit. I remember it was around 9:30a.m. and we were walking on Main Street and Patrick turned to me and said, “Let us go take a picture in front of the castle before we get on the rides and your hair gets messy.” Hearing the most perfect words ever, I agreed! We headed towards Sleeping Beauty’s Castle where I saw a line to take a picture in front of the beautiful castle. As we proceeded towards the castle the photographer pulled us aside and asked us to do some poses.

At that point I should have known something was going on because behind us the castle was empty! There was nobody behind us and everybody was behind the cameraman. We did the typical picture poses and that is when Patrick turned around and said “I have a pose I want to try!” and I agreed. He then said, “I don’t know what the girl is supposed to do, but the guy does something like this.” At that moment he got on one knee and I was so clueless! I said “Do you want me to sit on your shoulders? I don’t get it.” Then I saw him reach for his pocket and I knew exactly what he was doing. I felt a rush of emotions fill up inside me and I was in shock! Patrick then pulled out the most stunning ring I had ever seen in my life and spoke the words ever girl wants to hear from their Prince Charming. He started by saying “Janet, you are the love of my life. This is the last birthday I want to spend with you as my girlfriend. Will you marry me?” At that point I was in tears. I said “Yes!” Then, when the whole world finally fell into focus, there were cheers and applause coming from the large crowd that had gathered behind us. The happiest place on Earth just made me the happiest person on Earth!

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