Janet and Nathaniel

Image 1 of Janet and Nathaniel

How We Met

We met on Match.com.

How They Asked

March 9, 2020 was the day news hit that COVID-19 had reached Charlotte. I along with the rest of my co workers were released early to pick up any food or items we may need in case things got chaotic. I ran to grab some groceries and texted Nathaniel that I would be home early. I walked to the apartment door with groceries filled in both hands and struggled to open the door. I walked, looked up and saw Nathaniel standing in the living room dressed up in a very nice suit. The first thing that crossed my mind was “Oh no. Has someone died or is he getting ready for an interview? Wait what is he doing home early??!!!”. He had a big grin on his face and asked me to come to him. Still reluctant, I placed the groceries on the table and asked if everything was ok. He said everything was fine will still grinning like a kid with candy. He asked me if I knew what this was about and of course I said no! He then began to talk about our relationship, how far we’ve come and how much I meant to him. The next thing I know, he’s starting to kneel down on one knee and asks me to marry him. It’s only then I see the roses, 2 glasses with a bottle of wine and a balloon that says wedding wishes. I said Yes!! And now we’re exactly four months away from tying the knot. March 20,2021 we hope to see you safe and well.