Janessy and Eduardo

How We Met

Eddy and I met in the summer of 2014. We had a mutual friend and Eddy asked him about me and I said, “I really don’t want a boyfriend right now.” Even though I said that he still sent me a request on Instagram and I accepted. A couple of weeks later, I don’t know what got into me (I’m guessing my stalking of his pictures made me realize he was cute ?) I asked our mutual friend, “Hey, what’s up with your friend Eddy.” He called him on 3 way *so elementary ?*. He was on a business trip ? (that really attracted me) so couldn’t talk. He asked if he could text me and the rest is history. We have texted each other every single day since that day in July 2014. We had such an incredible bond that I couldn’t believe it was real. Two weeks into knowing each other he surprised me but breaking into my car (YES) and decorated it with balloons & flowers and a sign that said if I would be his girlfriend. It was the cutest thing ever, of course, I had to say yes.

How They Asked

Eddy and I do the Miami Spice special every year to try out different restaurants. I’ve always wanted to go to Smith & Wollensky since it’s on the water and super romantic. One random day he told me to let’s finally go to S&W I’m like okay sure let’s do it. He’s like let’s go next Thursday. I’m like hmm okay ? super random. That week was the week before hurricane Dorian so the weather was horrible. It would rain every day so we didn’t know if we were still going to make our reservation at S&W. We were just going to wing it and see if the weather got better. Fast forward to Thursday, August 29th, it was raining but stopped at 5 pm and the day was perfect! It did not rain and it was not humid at all. We had dinner and it was so nice. There was a nice breeze as we enjoyed our dinner. After dinner, he asked if I wanted to take a walk since the weather was so nice and I said yes let’s go. (He must’ve been so nervous because he was sweating so much ? poor baby) As we’re walking towards the beach, he starts telling me that he has a surprise for me and the first thing I saw was balloons and after that, I completely blacked out. I truly couldn’t believe what was happening.

Where to Propose in South Point, Miami Beach

I remember bits and pieces that I’m still trying to put together lol. I don’t remember if he got down on one knee, or if I even said YES lol but thank god he hired a photographer (@mindmeetscamera) to capture that incredible moment. He, with my help of my cousin Vanessa, set up a beautiful area with the words MARRY ME with candles and flowers. There were random people clapping from the pier and then I saw the familiar faces of our family! They all came to congratulate us and it was amazing having them there to share that special moment with us. The ring he got it from @mrdiamond, a jeweler that I’ve been stalking on Instagram for a while. He made amazing pieces and I knew I wanted my dream ring from him and he went above and beyond with my ring. Eddy super exceeded my expectations of what my proposal would be like. He thought of every detail to make it perfect and he made it happen. I still can’t believe he’s my fiancé and we get to be together forever! He is truly my soulmate and we were made for each other. We’re the perfect fit. I’ll never forget this amazing surprise that led me to become the future Mrs. Paiz ?

Special Thanks

Michael Rodiles
 | Photographer
Vanessa Luces
 | Planning