Janessa and Steve

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How We Met

A few years back when tinder first came out my best friend called me asking if I wanted to go on her tinder date with her. She told the guy she had met to invite some friends and she would too and we all met up downtown Salt Lake. Steve just happened to be one of the friends that was there that night as well. He got my number but never called?

About a month later I ended up moving to Denver to dance for the Denver Nuggets. When i moved back to salt lake we were re-connected through a friend we had in common that I went to college with. I guess that’s why they call it small lake city. We started dating shortly after that and are now getting married. I guess it was meant to be:)

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how they asked

We went to lake Powell with some friends over Memorial Day. Steve asked if I wanted to take the wave runner out to get some pictures with the drone. I didn’t think anything of it because we always take drone footage when we go on vacation. He was trying to be sneaky about me getting ready (especially because we were in lake Powell), but knowing me I always get ready? (thank goodness in this case). We took the wave runner out and were looking for a location to climb up for some good footage. The drone case (which had the ring in it) was sitting in between Steve and I.

As we were looking for a spot the wave runner tipped over. Me, Steve and the drone case fell in the water. I grabbed it as fast as I could to keep it out of the water as he swam after the wave runner. The case was too heavy for me and kept dunking me under the water. Steve looked back and just thought “ oh no her hair and makeup”? at this point I am not in the mood to take pictures but he insisted we still try since we were already out there. We climbed up a mountain and he starts setting up the drone. At this point I’m not thinking anything of it especially since we had just fallen in the water. He sets the drone up and went to grab something(which was the ring in the case) I thought it was just another part for the drone and was too busy trying to save my soaking wet hair for these “pictures.”

He came back as if we were going to snap a few, but when he grabbed my hands and started talking I soon realized we weren’t really taking pictures. It was the happiest moment of my life ❤️

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