Janelle and Sean

How we met by Janelle: I had just moved from California to Colorado on my own. It was a fresh start in a place I had never even visited. After I found a job and some friends, I started to get lonely and wanted to date. I joined Tinder and almost immediately I came across Sean’s profile. He was cute and tall so I swiped right. We talked back and forth for a couple of weeks, then had our first date in a bar. I promptly spilled a full beer all over the bar top, and the rest is history!

how they asked by Janelle: We planned an eight day camping trip for August of 2015. I was so excited to spend time outdoors with Sean and our two dogs! During the last few days we set up a great spot in Twin Lakes. After a day of hiking and relaxing, Sean prepared his camera equipment for some night shooting. I’m familiar with the process he has for Milky Way shooting, so I bundled up and watched.

He said he wanted to take some kissing silhouettes with the Milky way in the background. I took my place on the mountain, and waited for him to set the timer and jump into frame. As he walked toward me, he said ‘try to stay still’. He got down on one knee and opened a ring box that shined with a single Christmas light, and asked me to marry him.

I was completely floored, so of course I jumped and jiggled around! I had never thought much about marriage until I met Sean, and the ‘Yes’ flew from my mouth with pure excitement. Afterwards, I sang and danced around our campsite. I had never felt such happiness! His proposal was so special and just for the two of us, but I’m glad he captured the moment!

how they asked by Sean: This photo was taken on day 4 of a week long camping trip in the Rockies. I waited until the conditions were just right and made the best decision of my life. The shot was visualized long before we got to our camping spot. I took a small strand of white Christmas lights and covered all but the last one with Gaffers tape. The lone exposed light was fed into a generic ring box and plugged into a portable battery pack for strobe lights. I set up the camera and shot with Janelle posing. Once she was in position, i fed the lights through my jacket sleeve and put the battery pack on my shoulder and hiked up to my soon to be finance. I took a knee and exposed the bare light for a little foreground exposure. Janelle leaned in to see what it was…then she said yes!!!!

Special Thanks