Janelle and Mitchell

How We Met

We first met 10.5 years ago. I used to go to a night club where my friends were the promoters. Mitchell was head of security. The first few times I went I never noticed him, but one night my friends and I stayed later than usual and I spotted him making his “rounds”. We talked and at the the of the night he asked me for my phone number- I gave him the wrong one! I was really nervous decided last minute to give a wrong number. A few weeks later I was back at the night club and he stopped me. I told him I got a new phone and new number, which was technically not a lie since I really did, but he didn’t quite believe me. He instead grabbed my phone and entered his number. I never called! Two weeks later we met again and he called himself from my phone. Ever since then we have been inseparable.

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how they asked

I never plan my birthdays- I have never been a big birthday person. This year, since it was my 30th, Mitchell said he wanted to take me to dinner and plan it for me so I wouldn’t have to do anything but show up. It was a “surprise”, but I knew about it. I knew he was planning a dinner and I knew he was inviting my friends. What I didn’t know was what was going to happen 15 minutes after I had gotten there! He told me earlier that his stomach was sore from working out and he felt a tad nauseous- not uncommon for him (he is now a personal trainer and every now and then works out so hard he becomes nauseous). I got to the restaurant and said hi to everyone there. It made sense to me when he said he was nauseous and sweaty (I was also very hot) and wanted to go outside to get air. I also maybe thought he was trying to get me away from the table for a few minutes while my friends set up a surprise. We went out side and he started talking about how he just wants me to enjoy this night and how much I deserved it and how all of this he did for me. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a jewelry box. He said, “Oh and by the way, I fixed your bracelet for you”. The bracelet he had given me on our 10 year anniversary that broke. Fake out!!! Then our friend Shane walked up to us and I tried to say hi! Mitchell kept telling Shane to go inside, everyone is inside. I didn’t know why Mitchell was acting so weird, he had already given me the bracelet and I thought we were also going in! (Shane went inside and asked a friend of mine he saw if we were ok, that we were acting really strange and awkward- he had no idea what was about to happen). Mitchell kept talking, starting with how he wants me to know that the ring is coming. Also to thank me for not pressuring him for it and allowing him to get what he knows I deserve and to not worry that it was coming soon and it was going to be beautiful. Then he turned me around so my back was facing him and swooped under my arm THE RING and said- and maybe look something like this. Then he turned me back around and got down on one knee and asked “Will you marry me?” I was in tears! I think I said “are you serious” before I said “yes”! We walked back inside to our table, which was in the back behind curtains. I could see the lights to all the phones and cameras and when I opened it I saw my mom, dad and brother! I went berserk with tears of joy! After I hugged almost everyone there, I needed to find my phone to call my best friend who lives in Austin, TX. She always said she wanted to be there and it was all I could think about. “I need to Facetime Maura” is all I kept saying. She didn’t answer the facetime call, but called me back. Said she didn’t have great service where she was. I told her “I’m engaged” she said, “No you’re not!!!” I said “Yes I am!!!” and she opened the curtain and said “No your not???!!!” I think I just lost it! It was such a magical night and I was on cloud nine until 5 am in the morning!!! I always joke with him and say- I know you’re not a romantic, it’s ok. Boy did he prove me wrong with this one!

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